Lu Klein



Lu’s artistic career has its roots in Groningen, Netherlands, where she immersed herself into the spheres of electronic music. Inspired by the local scene, she dedicated herself to the spectrum of electronic and minimal-infused underground sounds, ranging from deep to soulful-groove seeking house to techno.
In 2016 she co-founded The Cave collective, organising warehouse parties in unique and hidden locations, showcasing local artists as well as rising talents from all over the world. Despite of spinning at the collective’s events, she has performed at local clubs like Paradigm and OOST as well as beyond like Farbfernseher (Berlin) and Social Point (Ibiza).
Digging deep into the treasures of local record stores has certainly influenced her style and contributed to her ability to incorporate a broad spectrum of electronica into her musical narratives from minimal house to techno and breakbeat. Her inspiration for deep and extended groove filled sets comes from across various genres such as house, techno, electro and breakbeat. Her sets are evolving and flowing organically, spanning from hypnotic to energetic grooves and vice versa with a keen ear to please the crowds desire.