J-Roux is a musical artist from Bogotá, one of the new rising stars in the electronic music scene who is highly committed and has a large following. J-Roux is recognized from afar for her clean mixes, impeccable stage presence, and clear musical style. Her relationship with music dates back to her childhood, when she played bass in a punk band and created visuals and experiences for large electronic music events. This led her to deepen her musical exploration and focus on producing music and DJing. Playing at large venues in Bogotá and clubs, J-Roux is one of the most important new talents in the city’s electronic music scene. She has already performed at international festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Mira Festival, Robot Festival, and Trimachi, making her …

J-Roux is known for her excellent stage presence and lively mixes, with harmonious sounds inspired by Detroit, Chicago, and her hometown of Bogotá, along with the city’s urban vibe. She is characterized by her elegance and clean style when selecting her vinyl records, as she has been a collector for over 7 years. Her eclectic taste in music has generated controversy, but is much loved by her audience on the dance floor

relationship with music is magical and experimental, as she is not limited to just one genre, but instead conducts extensive research to explore a wide range of musical styles. This is reflected in her performances, where she mixes and creates variations with very entertaining rhythms that keep the audience engaged.